Andy Stecher

Andy Stecher
President Plasmatreat USA
Elgin, IL

Editorial June 2012

Recently I visited an upstart company in two of their
locations, Detroit and San Francisco. TechShop is an organization that allows
for young inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs to draft, design, and build
prototypes of their fledgling creations. Their respective ~20,000 sqft
facilities offer original, full scale equipment in the areas of CAD design,
stitching, weaving, sawing, milling, lathing, drilling, painting, coating allowing
the work with all kinds of substrates such as woven, nonwoven, wood, metals,
plastics, glass and other materials. TechShop started in Menlo Park and San
Jose about 5 years ago and is now expanding all over the country. New locations
will open up soon in a town near you.

TechShop opens an amazing avenue to gain excess to the most
intricate machines and to operate within one’s own little factory with all
necessary process steps all for very little money. In Detroit I met the builder
of a full scale contrabass, an immigrant from Europe who came to this country thinking
that he would have to give up his trade in light of lack of funds to build
these beautiful instruments. Now he builds about 5 per year in TechShop and
sells them successfully. There are other successful examples including one
company that has recently received valuations of up to $1bn for a product first
designed and built at TechShop.

TechShop has the ability to be one of the mosaic pieces (albeit
small)  of rebuilding America to become once
again an advanced manufacturing region of the world. It starts with an idea,
gets converted into an actual product and once proven and accepted will
hopefully lead to new manufacturing start-ups over the years to come all over
the country – Exciting!

What is next? TechShop will now incorporate our Openair
plasma into their locations. Plasmatreat’s Openair plasma will allow these
aspiring inventors and creators to surfacetreat different materials in a safe,
efficient and very environmentally friendly way to achieve a better bond,
better look (ink, paint), stronger coating results.  TechShop and Openair plasma have one thing in
common – an idea which time has come!

Till next time,