Hardev Grewal

Hardev Grewal
CEO Plasmatreat PTNA & US
CEO Plasmatreat PTNA & US - Hayward, CA

Editorial February 2012

Dear Reader!

When talking to our existing customers and industry partners, and particularly our prospective clients, it appears to me that surface treatment via plasma is often still a best kept secret in manufacturing.

Plasmatreat came into existence almost 20 years ago, when the automotive industry was looking to source a better alternative to increase adhesion on a variety of polymers. Eliminating the problem of moisture ingress into car headlamps was one of the first key applications for atmospheric plasma. Plasma treatment until then was only available in a low pressure, vacuum chamber based environment. This limitation stipulated a batch style process which for many manufacturers was doable but limited productivity. Thus Openair Plasma,  offering the first atmospheric plasma solutions, was first created.  Plasmatreat has been the global leader in developing atmospheric plasma solutions for industry ever since.

Plasma is a naturally occurring phenomenon, such as lightening bolts, or the Northern Lights, in fact most of the universe is made of plasma. Here is a fascinating link that shows plasma around our globe in a time lapse video shot from the space station, orbiting the earth: http://vimeo.com/32001208?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter.

Plasmatreat invented devices (plasma jets) that harness the power of plasma and apply them to surfaces of substrates. Most common surfaces our equipment treat  are polymers, glass, ceramic, metals (particularly aluminum). This always occurs in atmospheric conditions thus can be incorporated into existing production processes without too much effort. Capex spending is very limited. The results are very clean surfaces (down to the nano level), and increased bonding strength for adhesives. The ROIs derive from lower necessary quantities of adhesives material, the utilization of a lower grade of adhesives, the possibilty for faster production speeds, and the reduction of VOCs (green technology).

However the devils lies in the detail, as always. Plasmatreat applications have been developed for a variety of markets and industries, in fact a dozen different markets, with thousands of different applications within them. So in order to enter into a quality discussion with our customers, Plasmatreat is now starting the: “PlasmaBlog”. Our market managers are offering their insight and expertise for each of their markets. We are focusing on solutions, new ideas, and insights we gained from working with this intriguing and effective technology every single day. We welcome your comments, we look forward to your questions. Challenge us!

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Comment 1 by:

Richard Acar

02. March, 2012 3:04

Very Interested. Are you represented in Australia?
What is the cost of the unit? How do you retrofit?
Please Advise

Comment 2 by:

Rickie Pokorski

11. March, 2012 21:30

I really like your writing style, superb information, thankyou for putting up : D.

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