19. April 2012   5:20 pm
Hardev Grewal

Hardev Grewal
CEO Plasmatreat PTNA & US - Hayward, CA

Hi again,

I thought I would make this a brief but informative entry for anyone looking to improve their gluing process in the folding carton industry.   Here’s my top 5 ways to improve bonding performance:

1.   Present a perfectly clean surface to the glue applicator on your folder gluer.

2.   Activate difficult to bond substrates with a pretreatment step.

3.   Increase wettability of the substrate to be glued.

4.   Remove static charge prior to glue application – especially for full plastic cartons.

5.   Eliminate old technologies used in the past to achieve good adhesion – i.e. skiving, mechanical abrasion.

All of these improvements (and more) are possible when Openair plasma treatment is used inline on your folder gluer.

The first two entries are perhaps most important of all.   It’s common sense that a perfectly clean substrate will allow for better bonding results.   However, a clean surface is only part of the solution.   Activating that clean surface (by the addition of primarily Oxygen functional groups) is paramount to achieving good bonding results.   Without this activation, the surface will remain inert with no bonding sites available for the adhesive.   A plasma treated surface will provide these bond sites for adhesives allowing for a true chemical bond between the adhesive and substrate.

My next few entries will discuss these and other improvements in more detail.   Stay tuned!

Until next time,



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