23. October 2019   6:34 pm
Hardev Grewal

Hardev Grewal
CEO Plasmatreat PTNA & US - Hayward, CA

Metal and plastics don’t form strong bonds – and when it comes to electical wiring, nobody wants moisture creeping in ……

To address this issue, Plasmatreat has developed a new technology by which we first clean/activate the connector pins and then apply a thin nano-coating via our atmospheric plasma jet. Yes, it is a CVD process, but with atmospheric plasma !

Then the housing is injection molded straight onto the pins and we have a perfect, seal-tight bond that can easly hold up to 5 bar pressure.

Please contact us, if you need to solve your sealing problems.

We just released this at the K-Show in Duesseldorf with an overwhelming customer interest.

#connectors #sealing #plasma #waterproof

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