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Mikki Larner
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Belmont, CA

Editorial January 2012

Welcome to my blog. I specialize in the use of low pressure plasma for modification of materials for the life sciences industry.

A good friend, Dyana, left on a spur of the moment trip Tuesday, January 24, to view the Aurora Borealis in Alaska. According to the Geophysical Institute’s Aurora Forecast website (http://www.gi.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/2012/01/24) Tuesday was a level 5 “extreme” night for viewing. Dyana, an avid surfer, is always following the wave report, so found it no surprise that there are people out there following the aurora forecast. Pretty cool!

After getting over some jealousy about her special trip opportunity and spontaneous ability (thankfully, the jealousy was only a passing emotion), I remembered pressing my face against the small very cold airplane window, while standing in the rear of the plane, when flying home over Greenland this winter and seeing a fantastic green light show.

Every time I get on a plane knowing that the flight path takes the plane (and lucky passengers) over high latitudes, I wish for this opportunity. This is the first time the wish has come true. The contrast of the green glow against the pristine white ice covered mountains was indescribable and just surreal. (Thankfully most of the folks on the plane were sleeping so I had an interrupted peaceful private viewing.)

Every working day, I can also walk into our lab and watch the same spectacular light glows in our manufactured systems. The aurora is the inspiration for our company and varieties of fabulous images (thanks to Dirk at http://borealis2000.com/) are used in our marketing materials. Check out http://www.plasmatechsystems.com/default.asp for a couple of his images.

It amazes me that our entire business is based on harnessing (as our founder likes to say) “the power of plasma.”

Nature inspiring man.

Next post: Dy’s trip report and “the power of plasma” for modifying medical devices.

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