Our standards for an open and fact oriented discussion within the Plasmatreat Blog

Welcome! We very much look forward to an exciting exchange of experiences and insights involving our key topic “Openair® – Plasma”. We kindly ask everyone to follow these guidelines to achieve a comfortable and fruitful communication environment.

As a matter of principle each contribution should reflect a respect for the opinion of others.  A friendly demeanor is expected of all bloggers.

Please respect the intellectual property of authors. If you think of quoting other writers, ask first for permission to do so or, if in doubt, always present a detailed quote of your sources (Name/Link). The same of course applies to pictures, charts and videos.

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Deletion of Comments 

Plasmatreat reserves the right to delete comments and contributions, which in our opinion violate the above noted guidelines. We operate under the assumption that there is no guarantee for publication. However we would intervene only if the blog guidelines or common rules of decency were breached. A deletion would occur without notifying the contributor. Each user is fully responsible for his or her publication. Plasmatreat reserves the right to bar users if contributions discriminate others (on grounds of gender, race, religion, opinion or otherwise) or continuously disrespect our set standards.

Deletion will occur in these instances:

  • Use of contributions for advertisements for other commercial services or irrelevant websites
  • Automatic generation of comments (Spam)
  • Violation of intellectual property rights including violation of copyrights and trademarks
  • Contributions involving political matters, support of political parties, political demagogy
  • Contributions involving religious matters, and/or support of certain faith group
  • Comments not authored in either English or German language
  • Comments that obviously do not pertain to the subject matter at hand


No Liability / No Responsibility

Comments about our contributions represent the opinions of the individual reader and writer. Plasmatreat North America assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of the submitted content.

If users submit comments, other websites can be noted if relevant to the submitted content. For any such references, for any of therein presented content, its correctness and completeness, Plasmatreat North America will not assume any responsibility. Plasmatreat will not verify if these presented links potentially violate our own company rules and standards. For the avoidance of doubt, Plasmatreat distances itself from any content that violates our own herein stated rules and guidelines or anything that violates the law of the land. Should however we find such violations or users make us aware of them, we will immediately remove affected content or related references.


Plasmatreat Patent Notes

Plasmatreat surface treatment devices, plasma jets, rotational systems and some of our jet nozzles are protected by patents, copyright regulations or trademark rules. We do not allow any third party without Plasmatreat consent, to create, produce, or offer any items that are covered and protected by these patents, copyrights or trademarks. We reserve the right to enforce our intellectual property rights via legal action and will direct such proceedings against unauthorized manufacturers and their buyers to achieve a cease and desist of such activities in addition to claiming financial damages. We will not hesitate to aim for full redemption possible under the law.