21. March 2017   12:45 am
Hardev Grewal

Hardev Grewal
CEO Plasmatreat PTNA & US - Hayward, CA

Attendees will have the opportunity learn, network, and see hands-on demonstrations in our new Silicon Valley laboratory.

Last week we had to stop taking reservations for our upcoming Open House and Surface TechDays event at Plasmatreat’s new Silicon Valley laboratory facility.  With over 150 people expected to attend, we were at capacity.  As I talked to many who are coming to the event, two reasons for signing up stood out to me. First, is interest in the 18 interesting technology talks being offered at the 2-day event.  This includes expert discussions on topics ranging from bonding to composite substrates to OSEE measurement, and from failure analysis to innovative medical device coatings.  Take a quick look at the current agenda:

  1. Joerg Ihde, Fraunhofer IFAM: Composite repair and improved adhesion for lightweighting applications with plasma
  1. Tim Smith, Plasmatreat: Plasma control characterization & process parameter monitoring in high-value, high-volume manufacturing
  1. Joe Williams, Henkel Adhesives:Advanced adhesive technologies for bonding in critical industrial applications
  1. Stephanie Benight, Exponent :Failure analysis in bonding applications
  1. Paul Betz, KUKA Robotics:Innovative automation solutions for medical, automotive and electronics applications
  1. Lucas Dillingham and Tom Mclean, BTG Labs:The four critical control points for managing surface performance
  1. Uday Vaidya, IACMI/UTK:Enhanced bonding strength of composites and hybrid materials
  1. Alexis Sauer-Budge, Fraunhofer CMI, Boston:Plasma surface modifications for microfluidic and diagnostic devices
  1. David Jackson, Cleanlogix:Improving surface cleanliness in manufacturing through a plasma/CO2 combination
  1. Uwe Lommatzsch, Fraunhofer IFAM:Formulating novel functional coatings such as corrosion protection, anti-stick, and anti-bacterial materials
  1. Khoren Sahagian, Plasmatreat:Plasma surface engineering for complex multi-material bonding
  1. Dan Murad, Chemquest Technology Group:Surprising industry trends for advanced coatings & Launch of the Chemquest Technolgy Institute
  1. Mantosh Chawla, Photo Emission Technologies:Non-destructive, non-contact surface contamination and thin film detection for automated systems
  1. Philipp Holz, Fraunhofer IPM:New inline inspection of surface cleanliness and coatings by quantitative fluorescence Imaging
  1. Gavin Matupang, PVA:Automation in curved displays bonding
  1. Ed Valigursky, LUNA Innovations:Stress sensing technology for measuring performance of bond lines
  1. Ned Saleh, Plasmotica Inc.:Maskless patterning using plasma surface treatment with micron spatial resolutions
  1. Edward Yokley, Thin Film Partners:Designed surfaces by plasma nanoscale coatings

The second reason for attending that people mentioned related to the technical partnerships that Plasmatreat has established with other suppliers. The eighteen talks listed above are not the kind of arbitrary set of disconnected topics you often find at typical industry conferences. Instead, they demonstrate a commitment to coordinate efforts, and make upstream and downstream pieces of the manufacturing process work together to solve problems, or to develop something new.

These talks are often the result of countless hours of engineers and technicians working together to solve surface related manufacturing problems. That might be how to automate plasma treatment for high-volume 3D applications, to improve adhesion of dissimilar materials, or to overcome challenges of bonding curved electronic displays. In these presentations, attendees see first-hand demonstrations of how teamwork has produced impressive results.

I am delighted that this event seems poised for success for Plasmatreat, our partners, and our guests. While this event “sold out,” and we could not accommodate everyone,  the interest in this format has prompted us to plan on taking the Surface TechDays show on the road. So look for a similar event in the future, perhaps in another location, for those who could not make it to our Hayward, CA facility this time. If you want to be kept informed about these developments,  just drop me a note to