23. August 2012   4:42 pm
Jeff Leighty

Jeff Leighty
Elgin, IL

NASA has found yet another innovative use for plasma science. The Mars rover Curiosity is equipped with some cutting edge technology for analyzing the rocks as it rolls.

First, a laser shoots the rock with a million watts of power for 5 1-billionths of a second. The laser’s power excites atoms in the rock forming-you guessed it-plasma! Stopping there would be cool enough but NASA keeps going. A camera then analyzes the plasma to gather data on the composition of the rock. Repeated zaps on the same spot can reveal changes with depth in the rock’s composition. Together the laser and the camera have been dubbed ChemCam. What will they think of next?

For plasma applications on Mars call NASA. If your application is more Earthly in nature contact Plasmatreat! 855-4TH-STAT

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