17. May 2012   1:35 am
Jeff Leighty

Jeff Leighty
Elgin, IL

After recently installing a Plasmatreat application in a customer’s manufacturing line his parting comment was, “Thanks. I’ll sleep better tonight.”

The worst type of adhesion problem for a manufacturing engineer or quality manager is a sporadic one. One where there is no single, clear root cause–no “smoking gun”. Maybe it only happens when the humidity in the plant is just so or the part is a little too cold or the moon is full. Or, even worse, it looks fine when you ship it but fails in the field. Too many of today’s high-tech adhesives, primers, inks and coatings have narrow operating conditions giving the production process very little wiggle room. Plasma treatment can balance that out. Sure, our systems go right in the assembly line, are very fast and extremely cost-efficient to operate but the real benefit of plasma treatment is that it can make the rest of your process more forgiving.

Sometimes we get so caught up by the art and science that is plasma treatment that we forget the best part—it works! Sweet dreams…

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