2. December 2015   4:46 am


I recently returned from the BajaMak trade show in Tijuana, Mexico. It was fascinating to get a better sense of the emerging—and rapidly growing—maquiladora manufacturing climate. These geographically desirable Maquiladoras, or “Twin Plants,” have grown with the return of manufacturing from places like China. Even these small trade shows are beginning to see the presence of large U.S. and Mexican concerns like Thermo Fisher and Medtronics.

The trade show was a success from the Plasmatreat perspective in that there were many solid engineering contacts interested in introducing cutting-edge plasma surface treatment to their manufacturing processes. The interest in Openair plasma treatment ranged from medical devices, to electronics, to automotive. In Baja, we’re noticing a trend toward a sophisticated and innovative approach to manufacturing as a whole. What was traditionally dominated by manual processes, is now being automated—a perfect fit for our inline Openair plasma system!

Right now Plasmatreat is actively working on projects with our partners SEI Automation and Bajarep to support both our Spanish- and English-speaking customers along the manufacturing corridor. This is a reflection of global network and our dedication to providing excellent support to all customers. It is exciting to see Plasmatreat as part of the solution in these evolving markets!

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